Brewtools Unitanks

Our Unitanks are fermenters made for ambitious homebrewers and small breweries. As part of the Brewtools identity, we've explored new techniques and solutions. This has resulted in a series of high end fermentation tanks with new features and a lot of possibilities.

Below you will found our range of Unitanks with recommended accessories.

F40 Unitank 20-40 liters capacity
1 449.00 EUR
F80 Unitank 20-75 liters capacity
1 599.00 EUR
F100 Unitank 40-90 liters capacity
1 749.00 EUR
F150 Unitank 40-140 liter capacity
2 149.00 EUR
F300 Unitank 120-290 liter capacity
3 390.00 EUR


Unitank Light

Unitank Light is the same tank body as our standard Unitank, but with slightly less equipment. In addition, the large TC adapter (8"-3"), the sample valve and the racking arm is made from polyketone (POK) which is a plastic material that is food grade, extremely durable and withstands high temperatures and acid.

This vastly reduces cost without compromising the user experience for smaller tanks. Unitank Light can be upgraded to a standard Unitank where you prefer.


Below you will find the most popular accessories for our Unitanks.

- a HopDrop kit will give you the possibility to dry hop without introducing oxygen. The 3" fits the F40 and F80 tanks, and the 4" is for larger tanks
- The inline filter kit is a great choice for kegging without clogging the ball lock posts with hops or other residue
- The spunding valve is a great way of controlling pressure in the tank during fermentation.
- The 2" Sanitary heating element is great for kveik ferments etc.
- The Coil for the sample valve is excellent for testing the end result of your beer without a lot of foaming from the valve.
- The ball lock post is great to add Co2 to the tank when you are carbonating or kegging.
- The 30mm barb is great to allow the use of a 25x34mm silicone tube for dumping yeast and trub

Check out the cooling guide for cooling options.