Cooling system

We supply cooling systems using Quantor glycol chillers. The system is based on a single pump and solenoid valves for each fermenter. Most importantly, it is prepared for our future fermentation control system.

The system diagram below shows how the system will be configured for most users. There are other options available for connections in point 2 and 5. These can be found in the product section for each type.

Click the system diagram below to open as PDF.

#1 - Quantor Chillers

German manufacturer Quantor makes high quality chillers. We stock 3 models with the specifications shown in the table (Based on data from the manufacturer).

Take note that the capacity requirements is affected by ambient temperatures and how much exothermic heat is generated during fermentation. The data is based on average use.

We recommend ordering:

- Quantor chiller (choose model based on table)
- Glycol if you want to go lower than 5-6 degrees C (depending on setup). Tradeoff is cooling efficiency and cost.

Glycol volumes will be 2 liters for MC03, 8 liters for MC09 and 15 liters for MC17.


#2 - Chiller fittings

Quantor chillers come standard with G3/4" threaded connectors. We recommend a G3/4" to 12mm hose adapter with gasket.

We recommend ordering:

- G3/4" to 12mm hose barb (2 pcs)
- Gasket, 27x16x2.5mm, 2 pcs (1 pack)
- Hose Clamp, 12-22mm (2 pcs)

#3 - Main cooling lines

Our EVA+PE-python, 12x18mm is intended for the main cooling line. The thick insulation reduces condensation. The tube valve is installed at the end of the loop, and it's used to control counterpressure. The tube valve must never be fully closed. Use hose clamps on all connections.

We recommend ordering:

- EVA+PE-python, 12x18mm (length depending on distances)
- Tube Tee 12mm/10mm (2 pcs per fermenter)
- Tube valve, 12mm (1 pcs)
- Hose Clamp, 12-22mm (4 pcs per fermenter + 2 pcs for tube valve)

#4 - Tank cooling lines

Our EVA python, 8.5x14mm is intended from the tube tee to the fermenter. The thick insulation reduces condensation. Use hose clamps on all connections.

We recommend ordering:

- EVA python, 8.5x14mm (length depending on distances and number of tanks)
- Hose Clamp, 12-22mm (4 pcs per fermenter)

#5 - Tank connections

We recommend using 3/8" quick connectors for cooling lines.

We recommend ordering:

- TC34mm to 3/8" F-NPT (2 pcs per fermenter)
- Quick connector, Female to 3/8" NPT (2 pcs per fermenter)
- Quick connector, M elbow to 10mm barb (2 pcs per fermenter)
- Hose Clamp, 12-22mm (4 pcs per fermenter)
- Solenoid valve, TC34mm, NC, DC24V (1 pcs per fermenter)
- Power Supply, 24V 40W, DIN 43650 (1 pcs per fermenter)
- Tri Clamp (2 pcs per tank. 1 extra if using Solenoid on tank)
- TC gaskets (1 pcs per Tri Clamp)

#6 - Thermowell

Select the thermowell that fits your need. Choose between TC34 model for mounting in front of our fermenters or TC1.5” for right hand side mounting.

Also, choose the preferred length. As a rule, we recommend 90mm for F40 and F80, and 160mm for F100, F150 and F300.

We recommend ordering:

- Thermowell (1 pcs per fermenter)

TC 1.5" Thermowell 90mm ID 7mm
32.90 EUR
TC34mm Thermowell 90mm ID 7mm
22.90 EUR
TC 1.5" Thermowell 160mm ID 7mm
34.90 EUR
TC34mm Thermowell 160mm ID 7mm
25.90 EUR

#7 - Heating element

Perfect for use with Brewtools Unitanks with Kveik yeasts or other high temperature fermentation applications. The heating elements is designed to get the lowest possible watt density and is very easy to clean. Also a good option if your fermenters are placed in a location that has a lower temperature than needed.

Choose between the EU model with Schuko plug or a version without plug (DIY).

We recommend ordering:

- Heating Element, 2" 500W 230V (1 pcs per fermenter. If you have multiple fermenters consider number of heating elements based on simultaneously fermentations).