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Brewtools Brewing Systems

Our brewing systems are designed and built in Norway by people who care about high quality, performance and sustainability.

The systems are flexible and can be customised with many accessories to the brewers preference.

B40pro Brewing System 3.2kW, 9kg malt
1 499.00 EUR
B80pro Brewing System 6kW, 20kg malt
1 899.00 EUR
B150pro Brewing System 6.6kW, 35kg malt
2 599.00 EUR


The most popular accessories

Most users start with the 3-Valve setup kit, and build from there. 

If you want to brew with minimal steam in the room, our steam hat and condensers are widely used. 

The laser cut filters offer better longevity and ease of cleaning.

If you brew using a lot of hops, the Trubinator may help you increase your output