Troll Brew Table System

The Brewtools Troll Brew Table System is a result of years of development. We've worked hard to keep this simple, modular, flexible and futureproof for accessories and add-ons.

The modules are easily bolted together to make one large setup, or several smaller ones.

For details and assembly, go to Brewtools Docs

Recommended setup:

- Brew Table (low model) for brewing system
- Brew Crane to easily lift and swing your malt pipe
- Bracket to install chiller under the upper frame

- Option: Brew Table (tall model) for HLT
- Option: Low frame with flat top to lower malt pipe onto
- Option: Unitank frame for each unitank
- Option: Low frame with flat top for glycol chiller etc.


- To bolt the main modules together, use the M8 bolt kit listed below. (85mm for low frames, 95mm for tables bolted together)

- The control system of the B40, B80 and B150 can be installed on a table vesa mount using the cable extension kit and the bracket for the control box. A suggested VESA mount can be found here.

- The lower frame of the tables fit our steel trays (20mm and 40mm depth). These are great to store parts and accessories.